Friday, October 3, 2008

Google Chrome : The new entrant to the browser landscape

The stage is set to welcome the latest Web browser by search giant Google named "Chrome". It is a novel open source web browser with some advanced features and its source code is released under a BSD license. It possesses some astounding features of security, speed and stability compared to widely accepted existing browsers like Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 3.0, Opera 9.5 etc.

Chrome is the recent launch by the company and is on the roller coaster ride of popularity. Its acceptance quo can be well analysed from the fact that with in 24 hours of its first public launch the web browser has trapped 1% of market share. This feature will acknowledge you with some of the exclusive features of the web browser - Chrome.

Privacy mode –Incognito: Chrome possesses a new privacy mode coined as Incognito, which allows user to create a window where nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged on your computer. It is really good for the security point of view because no one can find any logged file for recently visited web sites. This can be useful on shared computers and when viewing sensitive data through the Web browser.

Instant Bookmarking: Chrome makes bookmarking an easy job for the users. Bookmarks along with other Chrome browser settings can be saved and retrieved in the Google cloud. This allows for anytime and anywhere access to your personal settings be it privacy, bookmarks, and history.

Memory usage by Chrome: Google Chrome uses less amount of memory as compared to other web browsers in the market. Chrome uses total (private memory + shared memory) memory of 118,616 K, while Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.0 use 116,028 K and 399,332 K memory respectively.

Support for Web applications: One of the major characteristic of the web browser is its support for the web applications. The current applications include Google Docs,, and Outlook Web Access. Chrome makes it easier to make those applications feel more like desktop apps.

The web browser offers you simple procedure to create Desktop, Start menu, Quick Launch icons etc which results to quick internet access to many applications.

Own Task manager: Chrome has its own Task Manager that illustrates you how much memory and CPU usage each tab and plug-in is using. Users can easily open it by using shortcut key Shift + Esc and can easily get into Task Manager to shut down locked applications. This distinctive feature makes sure that a bad process in one tab can’t destroy the whole browser session.

Single box for search, address, and history: The Chrome has united search, address and history options by offering a single input box. This feature assist you to search a specific page more efficiently and accurate to the requirement. For example if you type “technology” in the search box and it will suggest the home page as well as other recently visited technology pages. The default search engine for Google’s Chrome is, another Google product. This is a good way to promote one product by another.

At the conclusive note, I can say that this new launch by Google is an excellent product that IT users will really like to use.

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